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Ever since she can remember, Eileen Meyer felt that she was living two different lives – her normal outer life, and the inner one that could not be easily explained. Over the years she became accomplished in the areas of technical documentation, project-management, and all areas of digital media production, marketing, and related technologies. Her multimedia path was launched as a teenager when she was hired to work at the local production office for the movie-musical Hair. Later she learned to write, produce, and edit TV and radio ads, documentaries and instructional videos, and was employed as a voiceover artist for dozens of media projects.

Eileen loved to write her own stories and poetry from an early age, and while she would later become a blogger and publish articles in both print and online magazines, her main obsession as a child was to teach herself how to sing. And she did. Her singing career began in the late 1980’s in Southern California, and ten years later she blossomed into an original singer-songwriter who wrote, recorded, and performed three solo albums. Her musical works have been licensed and used in a range of media productions – from Oprah’s Oxygen Network to CBS Morning News, and numerous independent radio shows and documentaries.

All the while, her family, friends, and colleagues were mostly unaware that she was experiencing repeated contact in the form of angelic, interdimensional light beings and extraterrestrials. These types of visits simultaneously initiated powerful energetic episodes in her physical body – a transformative phenomenon known as Kundalini, or what the ancient Maya called Koyopa. Eileen simply knew it as energy, or a field of intelligent frequency that filled her body and sometimes differentiated into sound, light, foreign symbols, and streams of resonant, telepathic data. It took many years for her to navigate, adapt to, and integrate the experiences. Eventually she reached the epiphany that it was, in fact, a very real kind of contact that was reorienting her to a more holistic understanding of life. It also became clear that the high-vibrational energy itself was a feeling-language that could be translated.

Eileen also found a spiritual resonance with the teachings of the Maya, and in 2002, she walked the Mayan Fire Path and initiated in Tikal, Guatemala. Following these journeys and experiences, and three years of studying with Dr. Michael Mamas’ School of Enlightenment and Healing, she knew without a doubt that her natural gifts were intuitive healing, empathic soul reading, and the translation of high-frequency intelligence into words and sound.

These repeated transformational episodes in Eileen’s life radically changed her consciousness. She found herself becoming increasingly drained with the maintenance of two very different worlds – the limited one that most agree is “life,” and the other more expanded world, as seen through a growing restoration of heart-brain or whole consciousness. Unfortunately, she found that sharing any of it with family or friends seemed to agitate them. It was easier to dismiss her as crazy, than to hear of her epiphanic experiences beyond the known world. Very few had a desire to venture beyond the existing “loops” of everyday human life to include the experiential, or anything other than what they’d been told. She learned that it was imperative to keep it to herself, as she could see that most were obsessively focused on making the highly-conditioned reality work. Eileen wanted an outer life that worked for her too, but found the existing scripts to be inadequate. It seemed that she already knew too much to pretend that there wasn’t massively more to human consciousness. Thankfully, there were other humans who appeared along the way – ones who provided enough deep shamanic and soul mirroring so that she could feel a sense of nurturing, encouragement, and wholly belonging in the world.

Today Eileen is writing, talking and singing her story. She also shares the emotional-awareness tools that she translated from her visitors. Her evolving challenge is how to pour the invisible feminine wisdom into a linear-language format – to reach those who have unknowingly based their realities upon a mechanistic, fragmented model of life. The ever-present guidance throughout Eileen’s life consistently shares that the “missing” feminine and spherical consciousness is being restored into humanity’s body and awareness. And her entourage of angels, ETs, and frequency intelligence is reaching out to you with this encouraging message: Now is the time to break the spell of limitation, and to heal and reclaim the whole of your human design… then watch your outer world thrive.

Discography and Other Accomplishments

Inevitable - 2000 • All in One Day - 2002 • Songs of Anima - 2008   

Published Articles "We've Seen the Angels and the Angels are Us", PlanetLightworker.com - Oct 2006 "Divine Feminine: A Cosmic Love Affair", Kindred Spirit Magazine - Jan/Feb 2007 "Present Moment Existence",  Sedona Journal - June 2007 “Walk as a Universal Being on Earth” - Sedona Journal of Emergence

Music and Television "She's Got Something to Say" Licensed to Oprah's Oxygen Television Network, 2000 and Mujeras Valerosas: New Futures Project - Documentary for the City of Albuquerque, 2008 "Pieces of Me" on CBS Morning News, 07/03 “Her Way”   Licensed for use in independent documentary film, “Beyond Five Senses”, 2005 “Find Another Way” in Vote (smart) A short produced by AZ State Senator Paula Aboud, 2012 Film Appearances: Steven Spielberg's "Into the West", 2005 Subject in the independent documentary, "Beyond 5 Senses", 2005 Writer, Voiceover, On-Camera Talent & Video Editing for dozens of NM radio and television commercials as well as documentary film. Podcast Creation, Development, Full Production for Sedona Journal Speaks 2014

Subject/Guest on the Travel Channel's, "Mysteries at the National Parks, Chaco Canyon" - Filmed Spring 2016